Lexington Police Foundation

Providing Assistance and Support To The Lexington Virginia Police Department

The mission of the Foundation, which was founded in 2009, is not only to inform the public about the workings of LPD; our mission includes the welfare and morale of our police officers and their family members.

Help our police get the tools and training they need to do their best work.

Lexington Police Department Foundation Purpose

To act as a tax-exempt [501(c) (3)] recipient of charitable donations for the benefit of the City of Lexington, Virginia Police Department (the Department);

To provide resources to the Department, including seed money for non-lethal equipment and in-kind services, to encourage the development of innovative programs and projects, as determined by the Department;

To recognize Department members and citizens of the City of Lexington, Virginia by rewarding and promoting outstanding performances throughout the Department and community;

To provide assistance and support to those serving as police officers in the City of Lexington, Virginia by increasing the public awareness of the Department’s efforts; and,

To pursue independent research, the goal of which is to assist and improve the Department, in coordination with the City of Lexington government.

Recent Accomplishments

Future Plans

• Flood relief to one of the Lexington Police officers

• Clean-up of the LPD firing range and construction of a training facility

• Purchase of an armored tactical vest

• Tuition assistance for officers earning an undergraduate degree and a Master’s in Police Science

• Financed the design and production of new police department badges

• Conducted a major community event discussing such topics as Missing & Exploited Children, Innovations in Policing, and Crime Prevention 

• Funding for awards recognition program

• Develop a Police Cadet Training Program

• Continuing education support

• Community awareness and support programs

Lexington Police Department

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Patrol Division Commander

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